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N-(n-propyl) thiophosphoric triamide was synthesized by "one-pot" method. Using the phosphorus sulchoride and n-propylamine as raw material, the intermediate is synthesized by nucleophilic substitution reaction. Then, the intermediate isreacted with ammonia by ammonolysis to synthesize the N-(n-propyl) thiophosphoric triamide. The purity of product was 97.5%, overall yield of 76.6%.

In the process of synthesizing N-n-propyl thiophosphoric triamide by "one-pot method", solid potassium carbonate is used as an acid binding agent, which overcomes the problem of recovery and treatment during the use of triethylamine.And potassium chlorine is formed after the reaction of potassium carbonate. Potassium chloride is used directly in fertilizer production which reduces the cost of the reaction. The reaction has the advantages of simple operation, high safety, good product quality, etc.It is convenient for large-scale production.

Specification of N-(N-Propyl)thiophosphoric triamide

Product nameN-(N-Propyl)thiophosphoric triamide;
CAS No916809-14-8
EINECS NO618-780-1
Molecular weight153.186
Melting point86-90℃
Packing25kg/Cardboard drum or kraft paper bag; 500kg/jumbo bag
DescriptionWhite crystalline powder
Loss on Drying≦1.0%
Molecular FormulaC3H12N3PS
usageUrease Inhibitor
Other namesNPPT
Brand namejinma

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