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L-Leucine Nitrate is an advanced form of Leucine, which bonds this key essential amino acid (and most important modulator of protein synthesis) to a Nitrate molecule.

Nitrates are effective in inducing muscle pump through the process of vasodilation - allowing nutrients to flow into the muscles, by assisting the release of Nitric Oxide.

Plus - Nitrates increase permeability of the muscle cell, promoting better absorption of nutrients, an additional benefit not offered by traditional NO boosters!

Athletes and bodybuilders most often take L-Leucine Nitrate before training (for increased Nitric Oxide release), or once or twice daily with meals (for improved nutrient transport, recovery and growth).

Specification of L-Leucine Nitrate

Product nameL-Leucine Nitrate
CAS No151894-40-5
Molecular FormulaC6H13NO2.HNO3
Molecular weight194.19
Melting point157.2-159.5℃
KeywordL-Leucine Nitrate
Packing25kg/Cardboard drum  
DescriptionAlmostWhite crystalline powder
Loss on Drying≦1.0%
usageAmino acids
Other namesL-Leucine Nitrate
Brand namejinma

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