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Modified octadecylamine (ODA) based Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films were investigated. These films may find uses as ion exchange systems. ODA may be used to functionalize carbon nanomaterials. Thermal decomposition of metal nitrates in the presence of ODA may be used to obtain metal oxide nano crystals of controlled size and shape. ODA based LB fims was used to realise enzymatic field effect transistor (ENFET) biosensors.

Octadecylamine is used as asphalt emulsifier, lubricant and dispersants. It is obtained by ammoniation and hydrogenation of stearic acid.

For making octadecyl ammonium salt and a variety of additives, such as cationic grease thickener, mineral flotation agents, asphalt emulsifying agent, antistatic agent, water treatment corrosion inhibitor, surface active agent, fungicide, color film, couplers, etc.

It acts as a cationic surfactant and find applications is hair rinse bases, wood preservatives, textile softeners, dyeing auxiliaries and pigment grinding aids. It is used in boiler as an additive, which prevents the corrosion arises due to steam. It is a basic building block and used as an intermediate in the preparation of their amine derivatives, ethoxylates and amides. Metal oxide nano crystals having controlled size and shape are prepared by the thermal decomposition of metal nitrates with octadecylamine.

Uses: textile auxiliaries, chemical fertilizer anti-agglomeration agents, mineral flotation agents and as detergent raw materials.

Specification of Octadecylamine

Product nameOctadecylamine
CAS No124-30-1
EINECS NO204-695-3
Molecular FormulaC18H39N
Molecular weight289.9479
Melting point48-52℃
Packing25kg/woven bag
DescriptionWhite Flake Solid
Loss on Drying
Other namesOctadecylamine
Brand namejinma

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