Fertilizer Additives Is Popular And The Prospect Is Pleasing And Worrying contact now

“Fertilizer additives” is an important part of the fertilizer industry. It plays an indispensable role in improving the quality of fertilizer products, increasing product functions, and improving fertilizer utilization. “Fertilizer Additives” made the industry seem to have found a breakthrough in quality development. It attracts a lot of attention and begins to focus on this, and is quietly picking up the waves of the industry.

"Fertilizer additives" mainly include: chemical fertilizer modifiers such as anti-knot and wrap, biostimulators such as humic acid and amino acids. In the process of improving quality and efficiency of chemical fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizer efficiency is very important. Some agricultural companies have developed a urease inhibitor formulation for urea. The results of planting show that through nitrogen fertilizer efficiency technology, stable yield can save 10%-20% of nitrogen fertilizer and achieve an average yield increase of 5%-15%. Some companies have developed silicone functional fertilizers. The use of silicone active agents has received good results in the treatment of saline soils. In the saline-alkali land of Wuyuan County, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia, 80% of the emergence rate of sunflower was achieved through treatment.

When the term "fertilizer additives" appeared in the industry, some people were happy and worried. For the happy, "fertilizer additives" not only have significant effects, but also bring "high on the past" that was not available in the past. For those worried, what they are worried about is the proliferation of additives. Some non-compliant products will be more concealed under the cover of “fertilizer additives” and “big umbrellas”. On the other hand, it provides “endorsement” for some products with danger. Zhou Zhuye, chairman of the China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association, said that the establishment of the Fertilizer Auxiliary Professional Committee was aimed at promoting the development of the auxiliary industry. It is also committed to strengthening R&D and innovation, optimizing the structure, and achieving “small industries and big achievements”.

Xi Xuefeng, vice chairman of China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association, said that China's fertilizer additives industry is in a stage of rapid development, and it needs to be organized in terms of technical exchanges, research and development of new products and technologies, regulation of market operations, and formulation of relevant standards jobs.

It will take time for the “fertilizer additives” to play a bigger role. How can you really erect this banner? The member units that jointly initiated the establishment of the fertilizer auxiliaries professional committee unanimously stated at the meeting that it is imperative to establish industry standards and standardize the development of the industry. At the same time, through the scientific identification and development, the dazzling products will inspire the "beautiful treasure" of each product. Then string these "pearls" into "necklaces." Only in this way can the “fertilizer additives” really shine more dazzlingly in the new journey of high-quality development of the fertilizer industry.

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