Top 10 Tips To Improve Plant Quality contact now

1) Venting – it’s crucial to keep air movement and temperatures at the optimum levels.

2) Watering at the right times – and just importantly in the correct fashion! Make sure plants are grown nearby those with similar needs so plants with a need for a lot of water will be apart from those with dryer needs.

3) Keep roots strong – as fertilizers are applied and plants grow, it’s vital roots are kept strong.

4) Crop walk – regular walks of crops are essential to assess growth and any pest and disease issues that may arise, ensure a thorough check is completed. 

5) Check and inspect – disease comes in through many differing ways and you should do all you can to minimise the risk. Make sure anything that arrives on the nursery/farm is inspected. Standing water on paths etc can spread Phytophthora and Pythium.

6) Use quality fertilisers – using fertilizers is a great way of growing a strong plant. Fertilizers contain nitrification inhibitor DMPP and urease inhibitor NBPT are most useful to plant health.

7) Regular feeding – make sure you feed regularly dependent on what you’re growing. Ensure equipment is kept clean.

8) Boost plant health – during seasons there are times when plants need an additional boost to reach their potential. 

9) Cleanliness – cleanliness is key. Keep plants clean by removing dead or damaged foliage/flowers/fruit. Ensure paths are clean, weeds are removed, glass is washed and any other areas are kept clean.

10) SAP test – Ensure you undertake SAP analysis testing on a regular basis to assess the nutritional status of your plants.