The Application Advantages of Sucralose contact now

The taste of sucralose is the closest to that of sucrose, which indicates that the appearance of sucralose represents the highest achievement of high sweetness sweetener.

In some food production application, although aspartame tastes good, it is easy to decompose and is unstable; the safety of cyclamate and saccharin is controversial to some extent, and it is easy to produce post-bitterness; the so-called "proteoglycan" varies from each other in components, and its safety is low, so the use of aspartame and saccharin is easy to exceed the standard; sugar alcohol sweetener has low sweetness, high use cost, and its heat absorption of dissolution is greater than sucrose. Although it is easy to produce a cool feeling, its taste is different from that of sugar. However, sucralose is very close to sucrose in sweetness, stable to heat, acid and alkali, and high in safety.

The excellent quality of sucralose can represent the highest level of sweetener development at present, and its application in food is more and more extensive. As a new generation of high sweetness sweetener, sucralose will be widely used because of its excellent properties. It will replace sucrose in many foods in the United States, Canada and other countries.

The application of sucralose can be summarized as follows: it is used in the production of high-temperature food, such as baked pastry food and candy food; it is used in the production of fermented food, such as bread and yoghurt; it is used in the production of low sugar healthy food, such as food with sugar stuffing like moon cake; it is used in the production of canned fruit and preserved fruit based on the good permeability of sucralose; it is used as a condiment to make the taste of salty and sour food more moderate in the production and processing of agricultural, livestock and aquatic products based on the stability of sucralose.