The Use of Polyacrylamide contact now

Polyacrylamide is a kind of high polymer flocculant, which is divided into cation, anion, non-ionic and amphoteric ion, and it is mainly used in the field of sewage treatment. However, in agriculture, industry and other fields, this product has the theory of "all kinds of additives". Next, the author will explain the common functions of polyacrylamide for you.

1. Water treatment: raw water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial water treatment, etc. Cationic polyacrylamide can be selected according to the sludge when it is used for sludge dewatering, which can effectively dehydrate the sludge before the sludge enters into the pressure filtration. During dewatering, there are large flocs, no sticking filter cloth, no dispersion during pressure filtration, thick mud cake and high dewatering efficiency.

2. Application in oil production: drilling, cementing, completion, workover, fracturing, acidizing, water injection, water plugging and profile control, and tertiary oil production.

3. In the field of papermaking: improve the retention rate of fillers, pigments and so on to reduce the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution; improve the strength of paper and dehydrate sludge, generally using cationic products with molecular weight of 10-12 million and ionic degree of 20-40.

4, Medical materials: polyacrylamide gel can be used as non prothrombin granulator, surgery, contact lens materials, microcapsule outer coating.

5. Other industries: food industry, it is used for sugarcane juice clarification and syrup phosphorus extraction in sugar cane and beet sugar production. Flocculation and clarification industry of enzyme fermentation liquid. It is also used for the recovery of feed protein with stable quality and good performance. The recovered protein powder has no adverse effect on the survival rate, weight gain and egg laying of chickens. Synthetic resin coating, civil grouting material water plugging, building material industry, cement quality improvement, construction adhesive, joint filling repair and water plugging agent, soil improvement, electroplating industry, printing and dyeing industry and so on.