Precautions for Use of Chlormequat Chloride contact now

1. Chlormequat chloride can be used with urea and acid fertilizer, but not with basic fertilizer. Chlormequat chloride decomposes with alkali.

2. Chlormequat chloride is suitable for the plot with sufficient fertility and good growth, and should not be used for the plot with poor fertility and weak growth.

3. Use drugs in strict accordance with the instructions. Do not increase or decrease the dosage without test to avoid drug damage. For initial use, small area test shall be carried out first.

4. Chlormequat chloride is low toxic. Do not contact with skin for a long time. Wear personal protective equipment when using chlormequat chloride, and clean it in time after use.

So what's the harm of using chlormequat chloride too much?

First of all, damage to crops, if excessive application, will lead to the normal growth of plants, which is characterized by plant shrinkage and growth stagnation. Affect growth and yield. In order to stimulate the growth of crops, enhance the photosynthesis of plants, and achieve the purpose of alleviating the harm of drugs, eliminate the influence and ensure the stable yield, we should timely spray the fresh amine ester, brassinolide, gibberellin and so on.

Secondly, improper use will cause harm to human body and environment. After using chlormequat chloride, if the environment is suitable, the decay period is up to two years, that is to say, if you do not change soil, the plants will not grow much in two years.

Special reminder: do not use chlormequat chloride in family breeding, especially for pregnant women, children, and people who plan to be pregnant in the next year, please pay attention.