Market And Development Of Urease Inhibitors contact now

Urease inhibitors have been widely used as a new feed additive in foreign countries (such as the United States, Canada, etc.). In recent years, domestic research has also begun to pay attention to the synthesis and application of urease inhibitors. Urease inhibitors have been listed as extension projects of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and have become one of the key projects of new technologies across the century. The development and use of urease inhibitors will provide new technical guarantees for efficient agriculture in China. It is of great significance to adjust the animal husbandry industry structure and vigorously develop herbivorous livestock breeding. From the current research and application, the application of hydroxamic acid urease inhibitors is better. It is easy to operate. The cost is not high and the market potential is large. It is a kind of feed additive with development and application prospects. With the advancement of science and technology, people will pay more attention to the related problems of urease inhibitor application and conduct more in-depth research to make it more perfect. At the same time, further research and screening of more and more effective urease inhibitors should be carried out in order to achieve better results in improving ruminant production.

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