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Urea as a nitrogen fertilizer is the most important fertilizer in the world's agriculture. However, the urea in the soil is rapidly decomposed by the urease enzyme in the soil to decompose a large amount of nitrogen loss and reduce the utilization efficiency of urea nitrogen. At the same time, due to the hydrolysis of urea, the concentration of ammonia in the soil increases. This is toxic to seed germination and plants. The use of a urinary enzyme inhibitor to inhibit the hydrolysis of urea has been proposed as one of the important methods for solving the above problems. Urine enzyme inhibitors can increase the efficacy of surface fertilization (urea) by reducing the decomposition of ammonia to decompose ammonia.

NBPT urinary enzyme inhibitors have the following characteristics: NBPT has higher urinary enzyme inhibitory activity in common soil and climatic conditions. NBPT can reduce the risk of seed toxicity, reduce ammonia volatilization, and increase the crop yield and protein content to a considerable extent. NBPT has no damaging effects on people, crops, and people who consume and consume crops.

Applications: Fine chemical plants.

Production conditions: There must be water, electricity, steam and other public works facilities.

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